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Larsen & Toubro, may be the worst company in the planet


Larsen and Toubro Limited, an Indian company specially known for their civil services or the infrastucture's division. L&T also have other branches like IT, water treatment, power managemtn etc. But since the pandemic break out in the entire globe, the company doesn't seems to bother their workers & employees. Earlier this year, in the public communities like twitter and other social platforms, I read this,"

The people who not worked with Lnt ,They Think L&T is there Dream company, But The people who worked with L&T They will told is is the most worst Company."

and many posts similar to this. And yes, that absolutely true and nothing less than the truth. But after the pandemic transmitted globally everywhere, things got really worse than ever. I had a talk with some of the senior employees who works as the project manager of a project or similar said that they are not provided with any kind of protections like masks or sanitizers. All had to be bought by themselves. And thats not the story, even the company is not even sanitizing the public places inside the project and which made that even worse. Recently one of the employees told me that whenever they request to santize their office or public places, they straight reject that or doesn't response. Larsen and Toubro is no more that original company it used to be. It has become more worse than before. 
So, the next time you ask your friend or relative that how is LnT, and the your friend says 'its the best' then understand that he has deep bad feelings for LnT. Anyways, I would request, Anil Manibhai Naik (Chairman) & S. N. Subrahmanyan (MD & CEO) to please thik for your employees and protect them from all possible ways. Safety is much more important than money.