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Safety Ways for the people of India and other parts of the globe

We have to return home from any circumstances that might happen any time anywhere. Now there are hell lots of ways to avoid them and reach to safe place as soon as possible. Everyone carry a smartphone now a days, no matter how much it costs or what model is it, take advantage of the same. Here are some ways that can help you and your family members in such kind of situations. 

First -
Keep your location and mobile data always on. Open Google Maps and swipe from lwft and open Location Sharing. Tap on + button on extreme right side and select Until you turn this off. Then select your family members or with whom you want to share your real time location. Next send the message that contains the link. Now when the family member clicks on the link, they will be redirected to google maps app and will be able to see your current location, battery percent, address, how far you are from family member.

Second - 
If you are riding a uber cab, you can share your cab's real time location with the help of the uber app without letting the driver know about this thing. After getting your uber confirmed, swipe up in uber app and tap on safety. After that tap share my trip options and select contacts you want to share your cabs real time location and send the message. When your contacts opens the link they will be redirected to the uber app and will show your cab's real time location.

Third - 
All smartphones have emergency calling facility. When your phone is locked and you have some emergency you can quickly tap on emergency call/EMERGENCY button/ Emergency Dialer button or similar and dial 100 to connect to nearby police station. This service works through direct satellite calling so if your phone doesn't have network you will be able to call police in the same method. 

Fourth - (Works in some places)
Smartphones now have an integrated emergency calling shortcut button. Simply click power button 3 times and your phone will dial 112 emergency service. Some latest phones also turns on real time location that gets shared with the call as a safety. Please note that 112 doesn't work on all places so better test it now.