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Hazard Light switch for Suzuki Burgman Street

We all need a hazard light functionality for safety when its raining or low visibility or driving in the night. As bikes are not easily visible as they are small in size, here this article will help you install hazard light switch on your Suzuki Burgman Street or other scooters & bikes. Don't worry, this will not void warranty.

Requirements :
1) Switch for Hazard Light - Buy from Amazon or buy from local market
2) Extension wires of your choice. (Depends on where you mount the switch and where the battery is. For burgman 2 meter wire is enough for wherever you mount in the dashboard)

Steps : 
1) Open the front hood using the Allen key came in the service tools
2) Now in the right side, you will find to couplers, one is of black color and the other is green. Those are the indicator joints. 
3) Fix the switch anywhere you wish, on the left handle, mirror holder, or inside the glove box.
4) In both the couplers you will find the positive wire with black wire with white strip. Open the couplers and connect the 2 wires from the switch to each black with white strip connector in both the coupler. 
5) Now turn on your scooter/bike and switch on the hazard light switch and turn the indicator switch left or right and you will find all the indicators are glowing. 
6) To turn off, simply turn the hazard light switch off and then the normal one sided indicator will turn on. 
7) Close the hood.