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Dual LED Fog Lights on Suzuki Burgman Street - Install - Rs.250 Only

If you are a long night rider or a highway rider, you might have noticed that the lights our scooter comes with are not so bright when in pitch dark. What happens then is, the wheels fells into potholes, unwanted bad roads comes suddenly, and we get skits on sand, water and mud which is very usual on the roads of India. So, here I am with the installation of fog lights or additional headlights for Suzuki Burgman Street (and others scooters and bikes too. Installation and wiring is same for all). To begin with, we need some materials before mounting them. We will use soldering machine to make mounting holes instead of drill machine because a drill machine makes a heavy vibration and may break the stock headlight glass but a soldering machine is completely silent and is free from any damages.
Requirements :
Fog Lights - Buy from Amazon
Extra Wires - Buy from local market
Pair of nut bolts - Buy from local market
Soldering machine (For metal bodies, use drill machine)
Electrical Tape - Buy from local market

Steps :
1) First of all make 2 holes just under the stock headlight using soldering machine after heating. You will find a tray type fiber which we will use for mounting these fog lights.
2) Take the switch came with the lights, extend both the wires to about 1 meter & mount it to wherever you want. I will recommend to mount the switch in the glove box and take the wires from the glove box's hinge holes.
3) Now open the front hood and take the red switch wire and connect it to battery's positive terminal(+ terminal located in the left side of the battery) & for now cover the other wire with a electrical tape. This connection doesn't requires the scooter's key to turn on the light. If you want it to turn on with the key on then skip this step and go-to Step 3-A
3-A) Open the fuse box located just beside battery and take the 10 Amp fuse out (The red colored fuse) and take the red switch wire and connect to the front side of the 10 AMP fuse terminal. This will require the key to be turned on the make the light glow.

4) Mount the fog lights with nut and bolts & then take both the light's red wire and join them and do the same with the black wire.
5) Now you have one red wire and one black wire from the light. Extend both of the wires and pass it to the top section where the battery is located.
6) Connect the lights black wire to battery's negative terminal(- terminal of the battery located in the right side of the battery).
7) Now, make sure the switch is off and the ignition of the bike is also off. Then detach the tape from the wire of the switch and tape it to the red wire of the lights.
8) Using electrical tape, tape all the wire joints with it.
9) Now simply turn the switch on and waaoo its damn bright.