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Install Dual Horn on Suzuki Burgman Street

Ever wondered how a dual horn will sound on Burgman street. May be thought of very loud sound isn't it? But, it will suit the size of the scooter. The stock horn is definitely loud enough than other scooters in the market but not that great as is not made of good quality. The sound level always rises and falls and its irritating. So, this article will help you to install dual horn on your Burgman street and all other scooters. Don't worry, doing this simple mod will not void your warranty. So be tension free.

Requirements :
1) Bosch Symphony Horn - Buy from Amazon
2) Minda Dual Horn Relay or any 4 Pin Relay for Dual Horn - Buy from Amazon or local market
3) Dual horn parallel wire - Buy from local market (Costs Rs. 25/-)
4) Black tape and 1 meter wire (or above depending on where you fit)

Wiring Diagram :
By Map-
By Visual-
Steps :
1) First in burgman street the battery is mounted under the front hood and doesn't have space for both the horns to fit together, but we will still do it. So, open the front hood with the Allen key came with the service kit and just under the battery you will find the stock horn with 2 wires connected in it.
2) Carefully disconnect both the wires and unscrew the horn from the mount. Make sure the stock horn wires doesn't gets tripped or else its tough to install as the area inside is too compact.
3) Now connect the new horns and with the parallel wires.(Horn 1 as the first main horn from where the wires are going to the battery and relay & horn 2 parallel to Horn 1)
4) Take the relay and connect the stock horns connectors to 85 & 86 jack of the relay. You will find these no.s beside each connector. You can also refer to the diagram.
5) Take a single wire and connect to the battery positive and another single wire to battery negative.
6) Now in the dual horn wiring, you will find 2 wires are left. Simply connect the negative wire from battery to one of the horn's wire and the positive wire that came from battery to the relay's 30 no. connector.
7) Lastly take the last wire that's left from the dual horn and connect to 87 no. connector.
8) Now turn your your ignition and start your scooter, test the horn. If it works then continue to the next step or go back to the first step and try again carefully.
9) Now disconnect the horn wires (from Horn 2) which doesn't have main connections to the circuit directly and mount it on the stock horn mount & tighten it.

10) Then in the hood section you will find 2 bolts connected to the body. Loosen the left bolt. Don't worry the nut will not fall as its fixed to the body. Now take the Horn 2 wires and pass it through the passage inside and connect them to Horn 2. Also make sure that Horn 1 wires are connected properly then insert its mount between the chassis and the body frame carefully and match the holes. Now tighten the bolt again.
11) Again start your scooter and let the relay charge for 10 seconds and then test it.

It will work like champ. Make sure you check out & follow the wiring diagrams correctly to avoid any problems. Also refer to the visual wiring diagram to understand better.