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Anti-Theft alarm on Suzuki Burgman Street

Ever got frustrated when someone scratches your favorite scooter/bike and you don't even know who did and when this happened, isn't it? This happened with everyone once in their lifetime. Not only this, there are many bike thieves roaming to pickup bikes and again you don't even know when this happened. To avoid such thefts and misuse, here I am with an Anti-Theft alarm guide to install on Suzuki's Burgman Street and also on other scooters/bikes. Connection procedure is same on all machines, just fitting the circuit depends on you. Don't worry, this will not void your warranty.

Requirements :
1) Antitheft alarm - Buy from Amazon (or buy from local market for Non Indian users only)
2) Extension Wires (length depends on where you fit)
3) Bike Spare Switch - Buy from Amazon or buy from local market

Tools :
1) Allen Key from the tool kit to open battery hood (Other bikes may have other type of screws)
2) Wire Stripper & Cutter
3) Black tape
4) Glue gun or 3M highly durable double sided tape

Steps :
1) Make sure you have an hour or more time to do this.
2) Open the front hood on your Burgman street with the help of Allen key. (Battery door and indicator wires section for other bikes/scooters).
3) Now take the anti theft alarm machine (the black box), connect the coupler to the wires coupler and you will find many wires of different colors. We don't need all the wires, simply take black    , red     and 2 yellow wires     & fold all the other wires with black tape. (The other wires are to remote start the scooter/bike but we will not install those for security reasons. Anyone can start with the help of the remote or by doing some circuit changes. If you ask me, I will suggest to cut off those wires so that no one can somehow use them to get them connected and start bike)
4) Using wire stripper, strip off all the 4 wires mentioned above in step 3.
5) Take the switch and mount it where ever you want. This switch will be used to turn it off permanently when not in use to save battery. Take the red wire of the switch and join with the anti theft alarm's red wire. Extend the other terminal of the switch and connect it to the battery positive terminal.You can skip this step and go to step 6, if you don't want to use a switch.
6) If you are not using a switch then take the red wire of the anti theft alarm and connect to battery positive terminal.
7) Now connect the black wire of anti-theft alarm to battery's negative terminal.
8) Take the 2 yellow wires, and connect them to the indicators positive terminals after opening the couplers. The indicator couplers are of green and black color and are located in the extreme right side of your Burgman street. The positive wire is of black color with white strip. Open the coupler and will and insert each of the yellow wires in each of the coupler's positive port.
9) Lastly connect the siren coupler to the anti-theft machine and with the help of glue gun or 3M double sided tape fit the anti-theft machine in the right side of the body and the siren just below it.

Done, now using the remote test it. The remote start button on the remote will not work as we didn't made the connections for security purposes. Its better if you open the remote and take out the button sheet so that it doesn't gets clicked accidentally. Accidental clicks will drain the battery unusually. You can use the switch to turn it on and off to save battery when not in use.