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Take your Windows PC's Security to next level

You may aware of the unwanted programs that get installed automatically or may be unauthorised access to your windows PC, may be by your friends just for fun!! We all have faced such things after setting a password also. Some installs useless programs, some uninstall or changes system settings which no body wants because setting up a PC is a big deal and takes a hell lots of time. So, here I am with an amazing setting you should turn on to keep these things away from your PC.

Before we continue, make sure your account is password protected and you are an administrator, okay?

Now, this trick applies on windows Vista and above and if you are using Windows 10 then Connect your account to your Microsoft account (if not already).

All done?

Step 1 : Open start menu and search for 'User Account Control Settings' or 'UAC'.

Step 2 : Increase the level extreme up to 'Always notify when...' and click OK.
Step 3 : Restart your PC
Step 4 : Open Run by Windows key + R and type 'secpol.msc' to launch Local Security Policy window.
Step 5 : Expand Local Policies from left pane and click on Security Options from expanded menu.

Step 6 : Find 'User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode' under the list of policies and double click it to open.

Step 7 : By default its set to 'Prompt for consent on the secure desktop'. Open the list and select 'Prompt for credentials'. Click OK and exit the window.
Step 8 : Restart to apply changes uniformly.

What it will do is, whenever you try to open and admin level settings that will change high level settings, it will ask for password/pin/fingerprint. Until the credentials are entered the operation will not continue. Same goes for installation and removal of an application.