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Android Pie for Samsung Oreo devices - Easy

Published on : 21st September, 2018
Using a Samsung device with Oreo running on it? Yeah, Its for you. Presenting Good Lock by Samsung Developers exclusively for Samsung Oreo Devices. It was first released for samsung flagship devices but later it got supported for all Oreo devices.

What can you do ?
With good lock and its plugins installed, you can change your lock screen style, lock screen items to appear, notification panel color & transparency, recently open apps view, edge lightning color and style, edge screen tap zones, one handed mode customization and one click to change settings - Routines.

How to avail?
As mentioned earlier, you need to have Samsung device with official samsung experience (min  9.0) Oreo (min 8.0) running on it. If yes, then download the whole Good Lock package, after clicking the download button below and extract it. You can also download from TSB Store.

Steps to Use :
  1. After Extracting, Install the good lock application and its plugins. The icon of Good Lock is a puzzle game.
  2. After that, install activity launcher from Google Play Store
  3. Open activity launcher, go to all activities and search for 'LockStar', 'QuickStar', 'Task Changer Settings' and more. Refer to the table below for details of each plugin. 
  4. Then customize the way you want and apply. 
Plugin Details :
  • LockStar : Lock screen customization
  • QuickStar : Notification Panel customization
  • Task Changer Settings : Recent Apps view customization
  • Routine : To set default multi tasks in just single click
  • Edge Touch : To set edge screen tap zones (Only for Edge screen displays)
  • OneHandedOperation+ : To get handles on both center edge of the screen as back button or more while in one handed view
  • EdgeLighting+ : To customize edge lighting (Only for Edge screen displays)

Screenshots :