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Trick : Adobe 2018 Products - Activation

Published On : 14th July, 2018
If you are using the latest adobe products, the 2018 series, make sure its activated to continue using all the services. If its not activated, activate now by this simple trick.

Make sure to turn off your antivirus to avoid uninterrupted process
Steps :
1) Download AMTEmu Painter Activator from one of the above download links. Painter has activation till 2017, but there goes the trick.
2) Open Painter, before that make sure your antivirus program has been turned off.

3) Select your product from the list also make sure you select the correct product year.
4) If your product year is 2017 or below, then go to step 7.
5) If 2018 product, go to application LEID, select all and delete. Also do the same for version.
6) Copy your product's LEID and version from the list below and paste it there.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Application Name: Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}Dreamweaver-18-Win-GM
Version: 18.0.0

Adobe InDesign CC
Application Name: Adobe InDesign CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}CharacterAnimator-13-Win-GM
Version: 13.0.0

Adobe Muse CC
Application Name: Adobe Muse CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}Muse-80-Win-GM
Version: 2018.0.0

Adobe Premier ProCC
Application Name: Adobe Premier Pro CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}PremierPro-12-Win-GM
Version: 12.0.0

Adobe Photoshop CC
Application Name: Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}Photoshop-19-Win-GM
Version: 19.0.0

Adobe Illustrator CC
Application Name: Adobe Illustrator CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}Illustrator-22-Win-GM
Version: 22.0.0

Adobe XD (Experience Design)
Application Name: Adobe XD CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}XD-1-Win-GM
Version: 1.0.0

Adobe After Effects CC
Application Name: Adobe After Effects CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}AfterEffects-15-Win-GM
Version: 15.0.0

Adobe Animate CC
Application Name: Adobe Animate CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}Animate-18-Win-GM
Version: 18.0.0

Adobe Audition CC
Application Name: Adobe Audition CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}Audition-11-Win-GM
Version: 11.0.0

Adobe Character Animator CC
Application Name: Adobe Character Animator CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}CharacterAnimator-1-Win-GM
Version: 1.1.0

**more products will be added soon, stay tune**

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7) Click on Install and you will be asked to select amtlib.dll.
8) Open System Disk > Program Files > Adobe > Adobe (Your Product Name) > amtlib.dll
9) Done. Exit AMTEmu Painter app and open your product > Go to about to make sure its activated.