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YouTube Edition v2 - Ad Free, Background Play, Play when Screen Locked

Published On : 9th May, 2018 | Last Updated : 2nd October, 2018
Well, people now really hates those ads on YouTube. There are so many types of ads, like 6 seconds ad and then skip it, 30 seconds ads and ads while watching an interesting video. And when you are listening to your favorite music, you don't want an ad to play right. Because its pretty harassing and your anger forces you to close YouTube or may be something else to cool yourself.

Throw your anger to trash bin now. Yes, permanently throw it, as you know anger is not a good thing. Why not try YouTube Edition?

The first version of youtube edition was only available for those who don't have buildin youtube app or those who can uninstall the youtube app which was preinstalled on your smartphone. And for others, youtube edition x, which is actually works the same but you cannot signin, which is a big bug, as you can't access to your subscriptions and also you will not get notifications.

But, YouTube Edition v2 is here and say what, it works for all.

Works on all non rooted, rooted, pre-installed, not installed, old, new, broken, perfect devices.

Features :
  • AD Free Video Playback
  • Background Playback
  • Play when phone is locked, like a music player
  • Swipe Brightness adjust
  • Swipe Volume Adjust
  • Swipe Seek Adjust
  • Popup Playback
  • Default Quality Setting
: Download :

Steps to Install (New User, who is not using previous version) :
1) Download & install YouTube Edition v2 & Google Signin Helper
2) Open YouTube Edition
3) Signin to your google account after granting give required permissions
4) Play and enjoy YouTube Edition v2

Steps to Install (Old User, who is already using previous version) :
1) Download YouTube Edition v2 only.
2) Uninstall old youtube edition, and install the new edition v2
3) Play and enjoy YouTube Edition v2. You will be auto signed in to your google account.

Know about special settings :
Open Special Settings under settings section, and set your favorite settings like default playback quality and background playback settings, etc.

Screenshots :

Bugs :
3 dot menu for a video in the list of videos force stops, but its never considered as a bug.

Version History :
YouTube Edition and Edition X : v1 : 24th November, 2017
YouTube Edition X : v1 : Discontinued : 8th May, 2018
YouTube Edition : v2 : 9th May, 2018

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