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S8+ Infinity Wallpaper - Remade Edition v2

Thinking about S8+ infinity live wallpaper? But the infinity wallpaper we shared earlier is not good right?
Get ready, We are ready with the next black remade edition of  S8+ Infinity Live Wallpaper with more features and stable release

Steps :
2) Open the app
3) Set frame rate to 60, Gyroscope effect to 0(min). Particle speed to 0(min), Particle spread to 100(max), Particle count to 100(max), Turn off fly in effect, keep background parallax effect off.

4) Touch on background button, go up and select the black image available beside the option to Choose from gallery.
5) Now touch on Set as wallpaper
6) Done

Extras :
You can also change the particles color to your choice by touching the color button and adjusting the sliders.