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Restore - This message has been deleted : Whatsapp

Published On : 3rd March, 2018
Wondering about the person who sent you a message but deleted suddenly before viewing? You might be thinking what was in the message? Might be you have asked the person but told you something else!!
Hmm, still our brain thinks about it. Right?

Lets burn all your thinkings now.

You can now check each and every message that gets deleted. Yes its true
Unfortunately, it works only on android

How to do?

Step 1 : Download WhatsRemoved from Playstore. Click here to install. (1.9 MB)
Step 2 : Open the app

Step 3 : Touch next arrow and go through the guide

Step 4 : You will be asked to select an option, Select Detect deleted messages and their files (Recommended)
Step 5 : Click on allow to access photos, media and files

Step 6 : Touch on Yes to enable notifications and Touch on Read notifications data and select allow
Step 7 : Go back


Now whenever some one deletes the message sent you, this app will show you a notification with the message content.

Extras :

  • Enable Dark Theme

  • Turn on Video & Audio detection when deleted

Working :
This app continuously records all of the incoming whatapp messages. Now when someone deletes a message, the app will search the message in its records and it will show you up a notification with the content and the sender of the message, all within a fraction of second.

Do You Know :
It also works when your device is offline or is out of network coverage

Warning : Don't misuse the app. Doing so may put you in trouble