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Re-Enable : NFC Smart Lock

As we all know, Google has recently removed the NFC Smart Lock feature from google play services as the usage was very less. But, if you were the one among the NFC Smart Locker guy, then make your NFC tag ready. You can enable and get the NFC lock back in your android smartphone with a simple trick.
  1. Turn off the internet connection
  2. Install Modded ES File Explorer from here
  3. Slide from left > touch Library > APP
  4. Scroll down until you find Google Play Services
  5. Press and hold on it and touch uninstall
  6. Now it will ask for replace with factory version
  7. Touch OK
  8. ( Optional - You may have to disable device administrator, just touch on manage device administrator, touch find my device or android device manager and touch deactivate, Press and hold on it and touch uninstall, Now it will ask for replace with factory version, Touch OK)
  9. Now the list of apps (step 3 - APP) will refresh.
  10. Scroll Down and check the Google Play Services app version by just touching on it.
  11. Make sure the version is 11.5.14 or less (11.5.30 for beta users)
  12. Now go to smartlock in securit and setup NFC.
  13. Now turn on the internet, update play services. 
  14. And you are all done.
If your play services version is more than 11.5.14 and the option is yet not available after uninstall, then you need to get root access to fully uninstall Play services and install 11.5.14 version here.

How does it work?
Google has mentioned that those who already have NFC Smart lock enabled, will be kept until and unless the phone gets formatted.

So, every time you get a new phone or format your current device, you can apply this small trick and get it back.