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Avast Premium License till year 2030

Published On : 9th November, 2017 | Last Updated On : 19th June, 2018

           So, 6 million plus users visited TSB and so, Sayan decided to gift you something special. You are definitely using Windows PC, may be 10 or 7 or anything else, but security is must for every systems out there. When it comes about security, antivirus must be installed to keep your machine safe and clean. But there closes the gate at the time of license payment. Almost more than a K INR to 10K INR required for a year license.
Avast PRO Antivirus will help you to keep your Windows Machine secured from all type of viruses.

Avast Internet Security Antivirus will keep your PC secured till 2030.

License Key - X5K3WX -35YQK2 - 4KL4P6
Click on the above black bar and copy the key.

Notes :
  1. Internet Connection is required to install the antivirus
  2. Don't signin to Avast Account (Never)
  3. Disable automatic update for both antivirus engine and program. (Don't worry, antivirus engine will be updated automatically when urgent required)
Steps :
  1. Install Avast Antivirus Setup as trial version (Internet connection is required)
  2. Open Avast and go to settings
  3. Click on subscription
  4. Click on Insert Activation Code
  5. Enter the above activation code. (To view the activation code clearly on your PC, just select the using your mouse or touchpad. To copy, simply click on the license key and copy it. | To view on your smartphone, press and hold on the text and then select. To copy simply, click on the key, and copy it.)
  6. A list with all the avast products will appear.
  7. Choose internet security which has the validity till 2030
  8. Click Next
  9. If Any other Avast product you want to activate, you can continue with the wizard.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. Just Restart your system.
  12. Done
June 2018 Update (IMPORTANT)
Some users are facing problems with the license, where the premier license is replaced with a free license of a year. Don't worry, We have made a solution for this. Follow the steps carefully.

Step 1 : Download the temporary license from one of the above link and decompress/unzip it.
Step 2 : Open Avast, go to Menu and click on My Licenses.
Step 3 : Click on Enter a valid activation code and then click use a license file.
Step 4 : Select the downloaded license and click on continue.
Step 5 : After a couple of seconds, the temporary license will appear as activating and just below that, the list premier licenses will appear.
Step 6 : After the temporary license shows as ACTIVE, select the longest duration license from the list below and click on Switch to this License.
Step 7 : Details of the license will popup, just click on SWITCH and will popup with Switch Complete. 
Step 8 : Now it will get activated in a couple of seconds depending on your internet connection. 
Step 9 : Exit My Licenses Page and Exit Avast
Step 10 : Reopen Avast and it will start as Avast Premier / Internet Security