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Should I order Jio Phone?

JioPhone is India's second 4G enabled feature phone to run Jio in it. Before this Lava launched their first 4G feature phone in India. Lava's 4G feature phone can run all 4G networks, like Jio4G, Airtel and so on. But unfortuanately JioPhone can't.
The simcard of JioPhone is sealed inside and can only be used with Jio networks. So its a locked operator phone. If you don't recharge in JioPhone's sim, you will not be able to use the phone. Hence you have to atleast recharge the phone to continue using it. Yet JioPhone has only 1 variant released. But rumours says more 10 models are on their way, which will be having WiFi, bluetooth, hotspot and lots more. The JioPhone with WiFi can be used even if you dont recharge. But yet not announced from largest 4G operator Jio.

The current JioPhone that people will receive after they order, will only have JioSim, NFC, 2MP Camera, VGA Front Camera, Voice Assistant, and costs 1500 INR which is refundable after 3 years if you return the device in perfect condition.

But the question is, in India, is anyone there who has a smartphone or feature phone bought 3 years or before and still its in perfect new condition? If yes, contact me I will pay a lakh to that person.

Now, if you wait for some couple of months more until diwali, then may order the JioPhone with WiFi, Hotspot and Bluetooth enabled.

Yes, Jio will launch new plans on Diwali. May be with Jio Diwali Offer or Jio Pataka Offer. With that more JioPhone.
But what if they don't launch anything?
Then don't buy it. Saving money is better than wasting money

Still you want to buy?
No problem, order it at or my jio app or at any Jio Store.
If you visit JioStore then you will need to carry your aadhaar, 1500 INR Cash or your debit card, your full address (for delivery), you current phone, your active phone no. and yes your finger :D
The current JioPhone's are made in China and people who will order now will receive chinese variant. But people who will order  in mid September, will receive Indian variant which will be manufactured by Foxconn at Chennai.

Hope you have a great day