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Reply to a group member's text easily : Whatsapp

We used to reply to person's message in a group by selecting the entire message and clicking on the reply button from the top panel. But now its easy. Just press and hold on the message and start typing. Your reply will be automatically selected by whatsapp.
Its in testing mode and currently only available for users who have signed up for Beta updates. In the upcoming few days it will be released officially. You will just need to update to avail this feature.

Also if you want it now, then you can go to whatsapp page on play store, scroll to end and select signup for Beta. In a few moments you will be a beta user. After 30 mins. go to play store and check for updates. You will find whatsapp update available. Go ahead and update it.

I don't recommend to signup for beta since beta versions may have bugs and may cause problems.

Proceed at you own risk

Steps :