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LED Notifications for All Android Phones | PRO Edition

Most of the phones don't have a notification LED in their smartphones. Few flagship phones only have one. Notification LED lets us know when a message receives or if their is a missed call, etc.

This LED is RGB color and can create any color for each of your apps. But how to get one LED for your smartphone which doesn't have one preinstalled?

Lets check out

Warning : This is recommended to AMOLED devices only. Running this on TFT displays will drain the battery.

Requirements :
AMOLED Display Android Device

Steps : 
  1. Download the app from the link given above
  2. Install the app
  3. Open and give all the permissions it requires
  4. Now swipe from left 
  5. Turn on LED Blinker activated
  6. Turn om Screen LED
  7. Set brightness to 36%
  8. Set LED Position to right top
  9. Set LED Size to small
  10. Check Disable back button
  11. Set timeout to No Timeout
  12. Set battery status low to 15
  13. Set Blink rate to 5
  14. Set colour change to normal
  15. Set clear notifications to delete first
  16. And lastly, turnon overwrite system LED
  17. Now you can go back to the main dashboard and set your notifications for your apps and set any colour you want. Don't set same colour for more than 1 app.
  18. Done
 You can refer to the screenshots below