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Xiaomi's statement to note 4 blast

Fake video by the phone owner from bangalore
FIR Case was real, and blast was real, but video was older
Redmi replaced his device for free
Check this statement

Recently, a video has been shared across a few news publications claiming that a Redmi Note 4 unit
experienced an explosive scenario. we would like to state that this video has no relation to the
concerned Redmi Note 4.

After an internal investigation, we found that the only recent incident of a burnt Redmi Note 4 stemmed
from a Bangalore based customer -Arjun. He had purchased a Redmi Note 4 from a Poorvika store in
Bangalore on 1st June 2017. His phone was damaged at his home on 17th July 2017, following which
he took the phone to the aforementioned Poorvika store on the same day.

As soon as we were alerted to this incident, we took the device back. After a thorough technical
investigation, we found out that the damage was caused due to a faulty third-party charger used by the
customer. in addition, there were signs of physical damage on the phone as well.

Despite the customer-induced damage. we worked with the Poorvika store where the unit was bought,
and replaced the customer's damaged unit with a brand new Redmi Note 4 on Monday, 24th July 2017.
We advise our customers to only use Xiaomi authorized chargers and accessories.

Regarding the video being circulated, we would like to clarify the following points:

- The video was attained from a random WhatsApp group, and has nothing to do with this recent
Redmi Note 4 case.

- In fact. there is no evidence in the video to suggest that the device is a Redmi Note 4 or any
other Xiaomi phone.

The video is not from the aforementioned Poorvika store, or any other Poorvika store. On further
investigation, we found that the CCTV video was from a retailer in Anamangad, Kerala. Xiaomi
India only started selling devices at 36 and Fone 4 stores a few weeks ago in Kerala.

- The CCTV video was recorded on a different date. not 1st June (when Arjun bought the phone)
or 17th July (when his phone got damaged).

- The customer In the video is not Arjun. He has confirmed to Xiaomi that the people in the video
does not include or represent him or any of his relatives.

It is unfortunate that a member of the technology biogging fraternity used a video of an unrelated incident
attained from a WhatsApp group, and merged it with the above-mentioned case involving Arjun, without
doing any investigation. We find this behaviour very irresponsible and disturbing. We are currently
evaluating legal action against this publication.

To all our Mi Fans, we would like to re-emphasise that safety is of utmost importance to us! All of our
devices go through stringent quality tests to ensure that you get the best quality. We will once again
encourage everyone to only use Xiaomi authorised chargers and accessories.

(On behalf of the Xiaomi lndia team)

Always use original phones parts & accesories. Xiaomi being a good company replaced his phone. But actually they shouldn't