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Wireless TV connection now on your PC/Laptop for FREE

Ever wondered to get live TV connection on your PC or laptop without a single cable?
Now you can. Presenting you the smartest way to use Live TV with over 450+ channels including hindi, bengali, kids channels also.
Thinking how?

Lets do it

Requirements :

1) A Broadband internet connection or any high speed internet connection
2) Windows PC or Windows Laptop
3) WiFi Router (If using broadband cable and want a wireless connection)
4) Memu : Click here to download

Steps :

1) Setup your WiFi Router Broadband Connection / Dongle / Mobile Hotspot
2) Get your internet connected
3) Install MEmu in your windows PC/laptop


MEmu home screen
4) Run MEmu
5) Create a new Google ID in the welcome wizard. Don't sign in with your existing Google ID. This may conflict between devices.
6) Now open play store after setting up Google ID.
7) Turnoff automatic update from google play store settings.
8) Install JioTV
9) Open JioTV and signin using your Jio no. and password. If you don't have one, then create one at
10) Login with your credentials
11) You are ready to watch any channel among 450 channels out there.

12) Click on the full screen button located at the 1st place on the right side panel to get a full screen view.

To close it simple press cross and click close

Eats less memory and ram

So this is how you can watch unlimited TV wirelessly without paying any extra TV subscription 

Extras : 

  1. Rooted
  2. Super User
  3. ES File Explorer 
  4. Play Store
  5. Play Games
  6. Browser
  7. Camera
Troubleshooting :

MEmu crashes every time I start - Update a video card driver or connect a video card
MEmu stucked at loading screen - Clean the background apps, close all the open apps and restart MEmu
MEmu is slow or getting stuck sometimes - Lower the display resolution from MEmu app settings
Something else is happening - mail with complete details and screenshots at