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Indian Fraudsters : What happened on Sunday

2 Months Ago, Pune : Velpuri Pabitra , a resident in Pune posted an ad on OLX to sell her a stroller. The price she kept was 3500 INR. She got some messages but she didn't agreed to their offers.

Sunday, 23rd, July, 2017 : Velpuri almost forgot about that ad,  but  suddenly she got a message on OLX from a person named Vishal. She got a text that Vishal is ready to buy that Stroller at full amount of 3500 INR. She replied that okay. He also told that he is in Mumbai but he wants to buy it for his sister who lives in Pune. She thought "How sweet of an uncle to do this to his niece/nephew”.

Vishal told her that he will make a online transfer of 3500 INR to Velpuri as the payment. She asked the mail ID of Vishal to send the bank details, to transfer.

Vishal replied that if she could send the details in whatsapp.

But Unfortunately, she received a message after 3 minutes. In the message it was written,'Your HDBC bank account XXXX has been credited with 13500 INR' from 59444.
Velpuri send a message to whatsapp about what happened!

Vishal replied that it was intended to go to his mom's account but unfortunately it went to the girl's account. Vishal asked to transfer it back as his mom is standing in the hospital to pay some bill.

Velpuri then asked him to share his bank account details to transfer 10K INR back.
But, Vishal replied that no don't send to bank, send via paytm and he gave his paytm no. (8948413565). He told that this is his second number.

She thought that something is wrong here. She didn't trust the SMS and went online to check the account balance and E Passbook. But no transfers were found. She called bank's customer service care and asked them regarding this. They told that to ask weather its NEFT transfer or IMPS!
He replied on whatsapp that it was NEFT. Then again replied no sorry its IMPS.

But in both the cases, it takes minimum 30 mins to 3 days to add the beneficiary to the Netbanking account. And then only a transfer can be done, which also takes 30 mins to 15 days.

She called the guy and told that it would take 2 hours minimum to transfer it back. She also asked him from which bank this transfer has been made!

ICICI Bank, and then he disconnected the call.

She called up 4 times but he was busy. Then she thought,'Until I sat to key in this post, I kept giving myself that benefit of doubt that he does have a sister and he wants to buy the stroller for her baby and his mom isn’t in trouble. In the hindsight, it dawned on my mind that no bank would allow a transfer until at least half an hour after adding the beneficiary. Had it occurred to me when I received the credit SMS, I wouldn’t have fallen for that mom sentiment for 10 more minutes'.

She received a call from Vishal after 2 long hours, but she ignored it. She replied on whatsapp,' didn’t receive any money in my account. Hope you stop tricking people into traps like these. I really wish you had a sister and you wanted to buy it for her son/daughter. Also, I wish your mother doesn’t fall sick and stand in a hospital queue waiting for 10,000 rupees from you’.

Vishal's No. : 9967957477
Paytm No. : 8948413565

She just saved herself from falling in this big fraud case. That's good decision she took to call up bank and to check up online. Remember OLX, Quikr, and all this type of sites are just useless. To sell something visit your nearest shop for that product or just keep it with you. If its urgent to sell then don't give them your address, neither Email ID nor bank details. Always meet the person in a hugh crowded area away from your home. Take cash first and then hand over the product.

Also remember, bank account messages comes with there name in the recipent. There will be no number for a bank message. For ex. if the name of the bank is Money Bank, the the message recipent should be like DM-MB (Direct Message from Money Bank). Dont fall in fraud cases. Good luck