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Sunday Story 1 : IMEI - Self Trobleshooting

So, what happened on Sunday
     I have a Samsung J7 2016 LTE model smart phone. I was using Super Nova 4.1 custom ROM. But unfortunately I started hating that ROM because there were too many customization bugs. So, what I thought is to go back to Samsung stock firmware. Also thought that nougat update is coming in a few days, where I need to have stock ROM only. I turned on my PC and then tried to flash stock ROM, but the ROM was old that's why I couldn't flash because Samsung blocked downgrading feature from all phones launched after 2014. So, I went to and downloaded the latest firmware. But then odin shown me incorrect incorrect model no. Then one developer told me to download the latest ROM from Here all the genuine samsung firmwares are available with the latest build, much faster than sammobile and also doesn't requires an account to be created. So I started downloading. Their servers were so slow that I was receiving a speed of 150 KBps. Okay till that time I tried flashing other custom ROMS to see why the model no. doesn't match. at last flashed a stock deodex pre-rooted custom ROM. Okay, it started finally. I thought to work with it till the original firmware gets downloaded. But, that custom ROM deleted my IMEI only. Total IMEI was hidden. No signal. No sim-card manager. I mean what the hell. The baseband version was showing unknown. After an hour, got the original ROM downloaded. I quickly flashed it. And found, its flashing. When the Welcome screen shown up, I found that still the Sim-cards were not showing. When I pressed next and went to WiFi screen, some disturbance found in the signal panel. The Sim-bars boundary came, and then received signals from both the sims. I just simply skipped the welcome wizard and tried making a call, which was successful. Then I powered off the phone and inserted my original simcards. Airtel & JIO. I found signals from both of them and was happy.
But I was not able to call anyone from Jio. The VoLTE didn't start, tried rebooting several times. Atlast I installed Jio4GVoice to use calling, but when I was using WiFi, JIO calling simply turned off.

Sunday Over, I went to sleep thinking how to get VoLTE?

   Monday: I woke up at 5 in the morning, I found a solution to get VoLTE for Samsung devices if its not starting by default. Click here to get the solution.
   Now everything is good. When the Nougat update will arrive I will simply flash the ROM if I continue using JIO or I will use OTA.