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Get old UI back

All laptop/desktop users wants to check speed of their internet connection. So whenever they open the browser and logon to, it automatically redirects to the beta version of Beta version is still under development and most people wants to go back to old user interface.

So, to get it back is pretty simple
Steps : 

1) Open and you will be redirectly automatically to
If not redirected and you are already in the main site then follow from step 4.

2) Click on Go to Legacy site (requires flash) 

3) main page will show up, but there's a message written in the box that this speedtest requries flash. Don't worry

4) Click on the 'i' button beside the url in chrome browser or open site settings on other browsers. 

5) Find the word 'flash' and set the permission to always allow on this site.

6) Close the Site Settings and click on reload located on the top of the website.

7) And you are done

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