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Jio Monsoon Offer : All Questions Answered

When I have to recharge with monsoon plan?
After your current plan i.e. summer surprise and dhan dhana dhan offers expires, you can recharge with anyone monsoon plan to continue JIO services.

How will I know when my current plan expires?
Open My Jio app 》 swipe from left 》 click my plans 》 there you will find your current plan details and its expiry date.

Is this monsoon offer only for Prime members or also available for non prime members?
This Monsoon offer is only for non prime members.

I am a Non Prime member, how will I get a prime membership and this monsoon offer?
You can only get monsoon offer after you recharge with 99 INR at any JIO Retailer. After getting prime membership, you can recharge with any of the monsoon plan out there. To know the plans, click here

What will be the validity of the current plans?
All the plans have their different validity. Refer to the plans here to know the validity of each of the plans.

I don't have a JIO sim, can I get a sim with this offers?
Yes, you can get a new JIO sim at any JIO retailers out there. You have to pay 99 INR + the price of the plan you are interested with.

I have a JIO sim, but I haven't yet recharged anything after 15th April, 2017, can I get this monsoon offer?
Yes, you have to first recharge with 99 INR for prime and then your interested plan. To recharge visit any nearby JIO retailer.