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JIO Phone : All Questions Answered

What is the price of JIO Phone ?
The price of jio phone is totally free. However you have to pay 1500 INR as security desposit, which will be refunded when you will return the phone after 3 years.

Where I will get this phone ?
JIO Phone will be available at all Jio Stores

When I can buy this phone ?
You have to preorder this phone on and after 24th August, 2017 to get the phone on week of september. 

Can I try the phone before prebooking ?
No, on 15th August, 2017 JIO Phone will be available for trial use but for some limited users only.

What I need to take to get this JIO Phone?
1) Carry your aadhaar card
2) 1500 INR

Any wireless payment feature like tap and pay or upi ?
Yes, this phone has a NFC and can be used to pay at any shop having wireless payment facility. You will get a software update in or after september to start paying wirelessly. You need to add your bank account and start using it.

Whats are the plans and their pricing ?
* Pay 153 INR and get unlimited calls and 500 MB data per day FUP for 28 days non stop.

* Pay 303 NR and get unlimited calls and 1 GB data per day FUP and JioTV on your home TV (CRT, LCD, LED, Smart, Plasma, Flat, etc) for 28 Days non stop.

Is this a dual sim phone ?
No, this phone is not a dual sim phone. The JIO sim will be preinstalled and is not removable.
But, a newer model is also coming which will be having dual sim.

Does this phone has a WiFi and Bluetooth ?
No, neither WiFi nor bluetooth is available in this phone

Does this phone has a hotspot feature ?
Yes, its currently locked. After 2-3 months from september, they will provide you a software upgrade to get hotspot facility and nfc also

Does this phone has a built in camera ?
Yes, this phone comes with a 2 MP rear and 0.3 MP front camera(video calling available).

What other features does this phone provide ?
Voice assistant, torch, FM Radio, TV, Music, Cinema, SD upto 64 GB, GPS, Emergency SOS, HD Speaker

Which OS is running in this phone ?
KarOS (Linux Based)

Can I connect any other sim or my old JIO sim card in this phone ?
No, this phone has a built in simcard, hence you cannot connect another sim or disconnect this sim. 

Can I use my old JIO sim or my current sim in JIO phone ?
Yes, if you want your JIO Phone as a primary phone then you can port your current operators simcard or your current jio simcard to jio phones simcard.

Can I try whatsapp in this phone ?
No, you can't use whatsapp in this phone.

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