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JIO 500 INR Phone

JIO may launch its 4G VoLTE phone which will cost only 500INR (acc to HSBC). It will be a feature phone first of all. The phone may be launching on 21st July, 2017. Quality of the phone will be average. If someone asks, will anyone buy this phone?
The answer is Yes. Almost more than 100million users still using 2G phone as they can't use Jio in 2G phones and some can't effort. Also some senior citizens can't use smart phones, so they prefer feature phone more. Now they will also get the access to digital world with digital services.
If JIO really launches this feature phone costing only 500 INR, they it will be a big change in Indian users.

But, Sayan is requesting all the people out their, kindly don't misuse this.