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JIO Fiber is running successfully in parts of India

Parts of India : Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, NCR, Surat, Pune, Ahmedabad

Today Sayan contacted JIO Fiber Care to register a request to get a call when Fiber gets available in his area. Also to know about the pricing, plannings and availibilty. One user from NCR made a video regarding this who is JIO employee and is using JIO Fiber connection successfully. I got the details starting from registration to setup.

     First of all JIO users contacted him to his JIO no. and asked 'if he is interested for a fiber connection?' So, he answered that OK, 'I am interested'. Now the question arrives, how much he needs to pay?
Email from JIO about the charges

  4500 INR, but is refundable as soon as you stop using JIO Fiber. On the package its printed MRP is 7999 INR, but the connection with the box is only 4500 INR
 Now why so much cost? 
     This 4500 INR includes the activation, registration, fiber cable and the Fiber Router.
Okay thats cool. So, the Jio staff's came to his home and successfully setup a connection. After that he is now getting a speed of around 95 Mbps (Note that its Mbps, not MBps). JIO promises that fiber connection gives a speed of 1 Gb/s. But currently their plan offers 100 Mbps = 12.5 MBps = 0.1 Gbps.

Request for a call when the fiber service is available in your area. Just call Jio Fiber Care

JIO Fiber Care : 1800 896 9999

JIO Fiber Router Specs :
Ports and Panel :
2 USB for entertainment, 3 LAN, 1 Fiber, 1 Landline, 1 Power, Reset, WPS

Model No. : JCO500

Box Includes : 
Fiber Box, Fiber Cable, Power Adapter, User Manual, Registration Form, Warranty Card

JIO Fiber Plans :

Plan 1 :

100 GB at 12.5 MBps - Silver Plan : Cost 0 INR

40 GB at 12.5 MBps - Booster Plan after preview plan (need to activate manually : Cost 0 INR
Unlimited at 12.5 MBps - After consuming 140 GB in a month

This total package is valid for a month and you will get this for 3 months for FREE.

A total of 420 GB at 100 Mb/s speed