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JIO Out of Service

Since yesterday midnight, JIO internet connection was lagging. Some users faced no internet connection. Even today morning also the same thing happened. In the evening, JIO's network went out of service. JIO is one of the top 4G provider in the world, but now they can't even provide a service properly. The customer care executives are telling that its nothing but some temporary problem, just reboot the device and change the network mode from LTE only to hybrid. As they have no solution to this problem. When, Sayan tweeted regarding this, @JioCare replied that send a message to @JioCare twitter account with jio no., location, alternate no., handset model no. and speedtest results. Below are the screenshots of the tweet and the speedtest result.
Sayan's tweet & @JioCare's reply

Sayan's JIO Speedtest results
Where Sayan used to get 40Mbps Down and 25Mbps uplink, now he is receiving only 10 Mbps as down and 0.78 Mbps as Uplink. Without upload speed how will a internet work in a stable condition!

If JIO cannot provide good 4G service with a 4G speed of 20 Mbps +, then Sayan thinks that JIO should stop their 4G service.

Hell Yeah,
Thank you JIO for providing us 1 Year of free 4G unlimited service.