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Hard format iPhone if you have not synced with iTunes

Okay, so many people asked Sayan, about the ways to format an iPhone if they get locked out or forgets the passcode. So, in this post you will be guided to hard format your iPhone.

Note: Files, contacts, apps, etc, everything will be erased if you hard format. Proceed at your own risk. None of the things can be restored after the format.

If you have never synced your iPhone with your iTunes or you can’t access the computer you synced your iPhone, you need to put your iPhone into recovery mode and connect your iPhone to a computer with iTunes installed. Then reset your iPhone and wipe all the data on it and setup your iPhone as a new iPhone.
Step 1. Put your iPhone into recovery mode.

Turn off your iPhone and make sure your iPhone is disconnected from your computer. Press and hold the home button at the same time, connect your iPhone to your computer. Please don’t release your home button until you see the “Connect to iTunes” images on the screen of your iPhone.

Step 2. Your iTunes now will tell you that your iPhone is in recovery mode, you need to restore your iPhone. Click “OK” to restore your iPhone with iTunes.
Congratulations, now just setup the first start wizard and you are ready to go.