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Cortana for Android?

Microsoft's upcoming app, official Cortana assistant for android is up on playstore. And is available for all the developers, registered on google playstore. You will get the early access to it. Yes, its not yet released, hence not properly stable. Will not work smoothly like google assistant. But its still working fine.
Questions like "And when was his birthday", "And whats the time?", etc, which comes from the previous answer, simple searches on bing about it.

For ex. : Who is the prresident of India?
               Pranab Mukherjee
               And when he became the president of India?
               Shows incorrect results in bing search

Things like, In app hey cortana, asking questions, voice replying to your questions, Replying to the topic in most of the cases, to do, set alarm, etc, all these works just fine.

Note : Cortana For Android is still under development by Microsoft Corporation. Its not yet stable. After Stable version releases, we will share here and in a new post.

Download Cortana from Playstore : Click Here
Download Cortana from Drive : Click Here

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