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I AM SAYAN Photography Blog and App

I AM SAYAN Photography Blog is Sayan's new blog where he will post all his top shutters. It was founded on 20th June, 2017. It is a highly responsive web page and contains some high resolution photos. Opening this may take some time if you are using a slow network. The site will also consume a high amount of internet data. In I AM SAYAN, photos will be posted periodically. All the photos in I AM SAYAN are subject to copyright, and is having and will have copyright I AM SAYAN
logo on each photo. Some photos will be edited to make it cinematic or nearby.
100mm | ISO 100 | S 1/60 | f/6.3 | E
In that case, 'E' will be mentioned after the photo details section. For editing adobe Photoshop will not be used. So there is no chance of cropping and pasting photos here. I AM SAYAN don't store any cache or no cookies are require. Java script must be enabled. if you found the web page is getting stuck in between, then its your system graphics error. May be your graphics memory is too low or something went wrong in it.

I AM SAYAN for Android : Releasing on 1st July, 2017