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TOP 10 Tips to save battery of your windows laptop

1) Turn off windows system sounds
2) Uninstall windows (8, 8.1, 10) system apps, like people, skype, etc. Refer here to do so
3) Turn off animation
4) Set a dark wallpaper for desktop as well as lockscreen
5) Turnoff auto brightness and set the brightness according to you and nearby lighting. If you are seating in dark place, set to brightness to dim & if outside under hot sun, set to max.
6) Turn off unwanted hardwares from the boot manager.
7) Uninstall drivers of hardwares you dont use.
8) Install only drivers, not the application for wifi and bluetooth. It eats a lot battery
9) Don't play game. Laptops are made so compactly that the internal parts like hdd and cpu may crash any time due to high temperature.
10) Try to close the lid when you are not using or doing some huge jobs like copying or exporting a video or downloading/uploading some files.