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What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a computer malware which stops the user in getting access to the system until and unless the user pays the amount shown on the screen. Its a kind of kidnapping. This malware blocks access to everything including personal files and apps. User have to pay the amount to get the system decrypted. A professional user also cannot revert back the message.

How it starts?
The hacker or attacker makes a public key and generates same several keys in a malware. Then the malware is send to the users machine via internet or any type of wired or wireless connection. The victims machine is then encrypted and blocks the access to the machine. The victim or user need to pay the amount shown on the pop up message. Until and unless the victim pays the attacker will not send the decryption key. And without decryption key, no one can unlock the system. There is no bypassing available till today for it.

How to make sure that your system is safe?
As always do keep a full version antivirus and always keep malware apps, and virus infected files out of your computer. If any how you get under this ransomware problem, rush to the nearby police and file an FIR against it.