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Note 7 coming back at half price

Samsung shared day before yesterday that they will resale all the recalled note 7 units again with a single change in battery which will be of 3000Mah this time, better than china's battery provider for Samsung smartphones. They also shared that they will start sending out the units by the end of this months and will be sold at just the half price. According to Indian price, it will be costing 30-33k INR.
According to its specifications, this price is just fine. Actually better in Dubai and USA markets, there it will be sold lower than Indian price, may be less than 30k INR. An IRIS and s pen makes it more like s8, just not infinity display.

But the big question is should we go for it?
Yes and NO
Yes for those who are willing to buy a smartphone in and around this price.
No for those who are willing to buy a new smartphone, not a used one. Better to go for Note 8, which will be out by Samsung by the end of this year.

Where can I buy?
You will get in all Samsung stores, cafes, local shops and online stores.

Is buying a Note 7 will be good decision after such a big problem?
Yes, Samsung confirmed that they are now testing each and every device using 8 point checking system, to ensure everything goes well.