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JIO Fiber for FREE for 3 months


Reliance JIO recently announced that JIO fiber will be released as preview offer like JIO simcards with 3 months of free service. This service will come at Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune and few more. After releasing, they will increase their JIO Fiber area to all the cities of India. According to Jio, they will provide 1 GBPS maximum speed, and where under testing, they received 730 MBPS to 975 MBPS approx. They also mentioned that after daily data limit, they will give 1 MBPS minimum. But, the fact is you will not get 1 GBPS or 900 MBPS constant, as people will now start taking this connection replacing their local broadband connections, and the more the connection people, less the speed will be. But still far better than other broadband providers, who charges like 5 star hotel and gives a glass of water.

JIO fiber will be free for 3 months, but you will have to pay security deposit of 4500 INR to for the charges like wires, fiber box & other installation charges.