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MP3 (1995-2017)

Advanced Audio Coding

The MP3 audio development team, declared 2 days before that they will no more license MP3 songs. Instead AAC will start as our default music format. They successfully terminated licensing MP3 format songs. Reason behind terminating MP3 format musics because they want to make a upgrade to the world. AAC is the sucessor of MP3 format musics and shares better sound quality and higher bass rate than MP3.

Now everyone has 1 question. Will my music player able to play AAC format music?

Yes, AAC is a very old music format which was released on the year 1997. Most of the music players like VLC for windows, iTunes can play AAC codec musics. Android devices music players like Samsung Music, Google Play Music can play AAC.
If they can't able to play any how, or playing after taking some time to load on your PC, then the developers of each media player will provide you with software update, which will definitely fix your problem.

Rest In Peace MP3 : 1995-2017