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Delete any file on windows OS

Many times in the temporary files list, we try to delete all of them, but due to system restriction, we can't delete some of them. Instead shows up a popup that you need administrator access, but you are the administrator of the system. So now what to do?

Download Unlocker

Unlocker is a 393 kb app which tries to remove your requested unwanted files and system files for you. Its very small in size and doesn't require any types of mods, internet connection, developer, etc.

Steps :

1) Install Unclocker
2) Now go the file and folder you want to delete
3) Right click on it
4) Select unlocker
5) Now the the unlocker panel, you will find no action scroll down menu located in the left buttom.
6) Select delete
7) Now click OK
8) If it gets deleted it will show a popup, "The object is deleted". Else it will ask you if you want unlocker to try to delete at the next boot up time.