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Go live if 1000 - YouTube

Since last week, YouTube is going rudely with their users. Especially if you have a channel, then you may be earning less. As YouTube is strictly announced that only users having 10000+ views on his/her channel can only send request to adsense to earn money. But its very tough now to get your channel approved. Over that, ad blockers now a days going for free for all users. No matter a rooted android or non rooted, or a PC or mac. Everywhere ad blockers can run.

There was a law/rule to go live on YouTube. If a channel have more than 10000 subscribers, then only you can avail it. But last week YouTube reduced it back to 1000 subscribers channel. Yes that's cool. But where will the subscribers come ? Many channels are there where only 15% are earning successfully, but not more than last to last year. After 2015 earning from YouTube is a big deal if you have a new account. If your channel is as old as 2005 - 2014, then you can continue You-tubing.