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UBER Coupons for April - July 2017 : Only New Users

If you are willing to travel somewhere, but you don't want to move out under this hot sun, then get some own booked AC taxi. Yes, taxi with discount. Given codes are applied tricks for Uber. And hence generated in promotional codes form. If you don't have one account, then go ahead and create one. Then when uber asks for a promo code in the final step, click yes or enter promo code from one below.

Note :
1) Only one code can be applied in each account.
2) And each codes can be used 3 times.
3) All the codes are unique.
4) Only 2 accounts can be made in each device with 2 different phone numbers, creating or adding more than 2 accounts in any form of duplicate uber app or in the same app, will ban all your accounts including promocodes, and you will not be able to apply a promo code in the future.

SBI1 : 75 INR discount upto 3 times in India
GRAB50 : 50 INR discount upto 3 times in India
MISHTI : 50 INR discount upto 6 times in Kolkata (May not work as its unstable)
ICICI50 : 50 INR discount upto 3 times in India, when paid with ICICI expressions debit card
JIOPRIME150 : 50 INR discount upto 3 times in India, if registered with Jio no. and Jio internet
uberDP600 : Double referral bonus discount from friend for FREE. The default referal bonus price is 50 INR, then you will get 100 INR.

Note : Referral has some conditions. 

1) Referrals have to be accepted and installed in android mobile.
2) The referral code must be entered by your friend.
3) Your friend must ride at-least once with that UBER account for you to receive your referral bonus.