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Paytm and Mobikwik will now charge you

If you are using Mobikwik and/or paytm to accept payments from others or for money transfers, and then you transfer it to your bank. Forget it. You will now be charged a cost of 5 INR on mobikwik and 3 INR on Paytm if you transfer wallet money to your bank account. Rude isn't it ? Yes!!

Since november, after demonestisation started, paytm made this transfer free of cost, but now since last couple of days, whenever an user tries to transfer money to his/her bank account this happens. This is not a bug, this is called silently charging. They havn't notified their users about this change. If paytm and mobikwik authorities are reading this post then do improve your service or people will just simple uninstall the app.

Whats the solution to transfer for free ?

YES, there is a great solution available for every Indians up here. Install BHIM from Google Play Store or from iTunes app store. BHIM means Bharat Interface for Money. Its completely free and maintained by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) under Indian Government, so its the most secure online wallet than other online wallets available here.

Here you have 2 step security or dual security.
1) Before opening the app interface
2) Before transfering money to others

You can also transfer money to your as well as others bank account directly from this app for free.