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FREE Jio is over


Since April, 2016, Jio started proving Indians free internet and calling, without taking a single paisa from us. In the starting it was named as preview offer, which was started for developing the towers of Jio and its services, so that they can understand where to build strong signal according to population rating in each state. Then they launched Jio officially on 4th Sep, 2016, named as Jio Welcome Offer, where people got 4 GB data per day. After 31st Dec, 2016, they continued Jio with Happy New Year, where 1 GB data per day was provided. After 31st March, 2017, Jio started prime plans which are very cheap comparing with other operators. And today is the last free Jio Day.

According to Jio, they got, 100 Million users, and brought India from 150th position to No. 1 in the world of Internet. Billions of gigabytes has been provided by Jio to India to make the country digital.
Now in almost every Indians hand, we can see a 4G handset having Jio network. The mobile companies started making profits after Jio launched. Every Indian bought a 4G handset. Our India is now the most digital country in the world. Soon, our mother India will be a developed country.

With the upcoming touch and pay feature instead of cash and cards
Solar usage instead of electricity
Public WiFi
Laptops and tablets instead of computers
smartphones instead of featured phones
DSLR cameras instead of point and shoot cameras
and lots more will make a person call, Digital Person.

Hope we will achieve this soon...