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Wait...FREE Jio will be continued till June, 2017


Jio just now announced that 72 million+ users are now prime member.

But for those who still didn't recharged with Jio prime, they can recharge now as Jio extended the last date for prime recharge till 15th april, 2017. 

So, you have more 15 days in your hands to get prime membership.

Also, those who already recharged with 99 INR and 303 INR or above plans, can continue enjoying free happy new year offer till June 30, 2017. 

Yes, this is not fake, this is real.

Users recharged with 149 INR will not get this offer.

If you have recharged with Jio prime and 303 INR or above plan, then you are ready to continue with Jio. But if you havn't yet recharged with anyone, you may not able to use Jio services until and unless you recharge with 99 and 303 or above pack.

After June, 2017, from july the paid plans will be resumed with the pack you recharged.

Users who havn't yet recharged with 303 INR or above can do recharge to avail this Summer Offer.

1 lakh + new towers are ready and many users used MNP to get Jio.

So enjoy Jioing, Happy