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JIO case on AirTel on fake TV ads

Since the last couple of months, airtel is advertising on television and youtube that its the fastest 4G network in India. But before that last year TRAI already mentioned and announced that JIO is the fastest 4G network till today. But airtel did is, airtel tested the speed in ookla speedtest which was actually got tested with JIO network. The carrier name shown airtel instead of JIO, may be a bug, which airtel thought that their airtel is the fastest 4G network.
Here is the letter JIO filed on airtel to ASCI

Yesterday i.e. 20th March, 2017, JIO filed a complaint on airtel to ASCI [Advertising standards council of India] about this airtel ad.
ASCI is an advertising industry which was founded on 1985 at Mumbai.

Hope airtel understands this if they have some shame. Airtel Cheaters. Airtel Fool. Airtel, The slowest 4G network ever.