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120 GB 4G for FREE from Jio ?


So, after prime and its offers, now Jio is ready to give additional data upto 120 GB for 12 months for FREE. No, you have to recharge with your monthly packs but at a single time. So, lets check about this.

Actually JIO announced that if you recharge with 303 INR or above with JIO prime before 31st March, 2017, then you will get additional 5GB data for 303 INR pack and 10GB for 499 INR and above packs for the next 1 month that is April. But, if you want this extra data for the whole year for FREE, then you have to recharge with the whole year pack at once and the Jio Prime membership which costs 99 INR before 31st march, 2017.

(keep in mind that you have to recharge with 99 INR to get prime)

For example,
                      You will be recharging with 303 INR for the next 12 months to continue JIO.
  Now, what you have to do is, with 303 pack you will get 5GB extra data, means a total of 60GB additional data pack at 5GB per month valid for the next year till 31st March, 2018. Then you have to recharge with

Rs. 303 x 12 months = Rs. 3636 

before 31st march, 2017. And then get a monthly data of

28 GB + 5 GB = 33 GB

and a total data of

28 GB x 12 months + 60 GB = 396 GB

So, if somebody chooses 9999 INR pack, the person will get a total of 

870GB for a year


1) You have to recharge via my jio app,, paytm, Jio Money, digital express, reliance digital, Jio Store & some Jio enabled local recharges shop.
2) For users who recharges with 149 INR, they will get 1 GB FREE DATA per month for 12 months.
3) If you recharge with 9999 INR, you will get 750 GB for 12 months with no per day or per month limits. So, for example, if you want to you use 750 GB in 1 day, you can use it. After that to continue JIO data, you to recharge with another pack or booster packs.

Booster Packs :

11 INR - 100 MB
51 INR - 1 GB
91 INR - 2 GB
201 INR - 5 GB
301 INR -  10 GB