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[FINAL] JIO Prime Update - Should I recharge with 99 INR now?

Now almost 50% of JIO users registered for JIO Prime. People used to have 10 JIO sims which is the big cause of the reduced internet speed. But now, people will have to leave their extra sims. Each people will have atmost 3 for them [If the person is only using all of the 3, if not and sharing with family members then the case is different]. So, the speeds now is getting incresed day by day. And we are realizing that. JIO technicians are increasing the JIO towers which is also the reason of high speed data. Now a days people where JIO gets -106 dBm 29 ASu signal strength also gets 2 mbps minimum constant, and reaches upto 5-6 mbps. Here is a prove down below. Downloaded 5.5GB of movie in just 3 hours.

Now, if we talk about full strength signal that is -71 dBM 21 asu, then the case is much better, people are receiving 16 mbps constant and reaches upto 45 mbps.

Should we recharge with prime 99 INR ?
Yes, now if you recharge with 99 INR and with your monthly pack before 31st march, 2017, you will receive extra data on april.

Any discount on 99 INR or monthly pack of JIO?
Yes, if you recharge with 99 INR via mobikwik, you will get 20 INR supercash which will be used as discount at the rate of 2 INR per recharge. If you are new mobikwik user, you will receive 50 INR supercash and will be applicable the same as above.
What is the extra data if we recharge the combo of 99 INR and april's pack in march ?
Combo recharge of 402 INR = 99 INR & 303 INR = Prime + 303 Pack + 5 GB additional data
Combo recharge of 598 INR = 99 INR & 499 INR = Prime + 499 Pack + 10 GB additional data

Will the speed increase from April as we are paying?
Yes, the towers of JIO are getting upgraded and new towers are also under construction. As I mentioned above, no more 10 sims per user, so speed will definitely increase.