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Difference between Qualcomm and Mediatek

Qualcomm : An American company founded on 1985 at California.
Mediatek : A company founded on 1997 at Taiwan, China

Based on the latest stock market Qualcomm is up with $5.70 billion where as mediatek is up with $920 million.
Now the most asked question is which one is good?? 

Qualcomm is the best chipset to be considered everytime. Qualcomm makes such chips which enables users not only with many types of features, but also smooth handling of a device. Due to which the price of qualcomm enabled devices are a little bit high, if the overall devices is good. [Here good means the quality of the device]
Mediatek is a chinese company, and makes cheap chipsets and are not so smooth like qualcomm. If we talk about performance of mediatek processors, one can rate 5 of 10 but for qualcomm one will definitely rate 7 of 10 minimum. As Mediatek chipsets are cheap thats why the devices with mediatek processors are cheap priced.

Comparing the flagship SoC of both the brands :

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835:

1) Qualcomm 835 supports up-to 4K gaming and video at 60 fps with 11 hrs of nonstop device usage. 2) Its size is 10 nm which is pretty small.
3) The network speed supports up-to 1 gigabits per second which is damn cool.
4) 32 MP of single camera or 16 MP of dual camera makes every click ultra awesome.
5) With its Adreno 540 GPU can take you to the world of gaming.

MediaTek Helio P25:

1) Supports only 4K Video at 30 fps and FHD at 60 fps.
2) Size is 16 nm..
3) Network speeds can reach up-to 150 mbps. (Not yet confirmed)
4) 24 MP of single lens or 13 MP of dual camera.
5) Mali-T880