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Whatsapp Status Feature - a snapchat copy


On 22nd February, 2017, whatsapp inc. released an update which brought a story feature like other social networks like Facebook, Instagram and snap chat. But, it gets removed or vanishes in 24 hrs after posting. The same happens with snap chat. Then, is it a copy of snap chat, a clone? Well, yes, its a full copy from snap chat and the UI has been copied from Instagram. UI in the sense of loading and timer of those photos. The same happens in Instagram, if you are in then you notice the same by clicking any of your followers available on the top of your Instagram homepage or stories page.

How to get this feature?

  • Just go to app store on iPhone or play store on android or Microsoft Store on windows phone and update it.
  • On android the version is 2.17.79 build on 22nd Feb, 2017.

How to use this status feature ?
1: Open Whatsapp after updating to its latest version.
2: You will notice a big change to its UI. Before this, the UI was changed once from default chats page to 3 tabs when the calling feature came.
3: Now swipe left from right and you will notice you are in status page.
4: You will find a circle with a + symbol in the middle at the top right corner.
5: Click on it, capture a photo or select from your recent photos.

6: Now if you want to edit you can do the same from the top right panel.
7: Now click on send button and its up 

Things changed and whats new :

1: Your status will be visible to everyone for 24 hours and then it will be deleted automatically.

2: You can view with its time, who checked your status.

3: You can comment on any one's status it will not show anyone else in the public but it will be send to the person's via message with a reply to the status.

4: You have full privacy control to your status.

5: The contacts tab has been removed and change to old new message button. 
6: No more only text status.
7: Mute someones status from being automatically shown in status window.

8: Post More than 1 photo in a day, which will become a slideshow just like instagram story.
9: This feature has not yet been mentioned in the official whatsapp website.