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Hear anything you type in windows pc [NO_APPS_REQUIRED-EASY]

We all want to hear everything we type, in a notepad or word, or any document, email. Human's hearing sense is so powerful that a word stays in our mind for a long time. So, how to do?

Follow the steps carefully, its very easy

Requirements : 
  • A Windows based PC (xp, vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
  • Little bit of time

Steps :

1) Download the file
2) Now, go to the file location, you downloaded just now and double click/hit the file named as ttac.vbs.
 3) Now, after opening it will look like this.
4) Now type your words that you want to hear and press OK button.

Notes : 
1) After pressing OK nothing I can hear.
     >> You need to increase the volume<<

2) After increasing the volume also, I can't hear anything.
     >> Check your speakers<<
3) Volume is maxed out and speaker is working, yet can't hear anything
    >> Check your sound drivers, wiring and ports