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Go back to old whatsapp user interface & status : [0s & 1s]

In this guide you will learn how to go back to old whatsapp user interface without any apps installations, just simply replacing 1 and 0


Full HD video guide : Here

or watch it here

 Steps :
1) Root your phone
2) Install es file explorer from playstore
3) Run it, swipe from the left go down, open root explorer located under tools section, get super su permission granted.
4) Click on mount R/W, check all to RW, press OK.
5) Now go to root storage by swiping from the top directory and clicking on '/'
6) Open data > data > com.whatsapp > shared_prefs > com.whatsapp.preferences.xml. Dont open it now
7) Go to app manager > whatsapp > and force stop.
8) Now go back to es file explorer > open the file in .xml > click on 3 dots located on the top right corner > click edit.
9)  <int name="status_mode" value="1" />
Find this line, and change the value to 0, means old UI & value 1 means new.
10) Save it