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Can this contact freeze your partners whatsapp converstion??

First of let me make you very clear that I am not responsible if anything goes wrong with you or your partners phone

If someone is disturbing you, making fun of you and you want to take revenge then this will not work. But if someone is making fun of you in a whatsapp group conversation or if someone is texting you in whatsapp and you don't want to talk to him/her, then its for you.
This 80580 characters of contact file will freeze your partners conversation with you or group conversation.

How it freezes up with a contact file :
This .vcf contact file contacts more than 80580 characters as mentioned earlier, which are saved as middle name, not first, nor last name.

How to do :
First of all download the contact file from here named as
Don't save it in your google account or in your contacts account. Just share or forward the contact file directly from your downloads section to your partner or group. 
It will freeze your phone for some time, but when it shows up, just delete the file from your chats section. It will respond late but will surely fix your freezing problem. 
BOOOM, you just freezed the whole group or the conversation with your partner.

How to fix :
  • First method :
Same, just delete the file from the chats section, it will respond to you very late, but will definitely fix it.
  • Second method :
Delete the entire chat without opening the conversation. 

Some Proofs :



#4 [Group]