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Year 2016 : Smartphones that reached their goals

Well, year 2016 was really a great year with the smartphone brands. The year got every single type of smartphones which reached to everyone's heart. under the competition list, again Samsung is in the top list of smartphone making company this year too. But in reality this was the worst year for samsung, after note 7 was discontinued due to the battery issue. S7 edge the most powerful phone is the winner of the smartphones world this year. This year, samsung phones were designed very cool and smart, but unfortunately according to the price range the specifications doesn't meet as good as it should be.  Almost in every 3 weeks, Samsung released a new smartphone with very minor changes. The biggest example is J7 2016 vs On8. Here the design, the dimension, the features, all are same, just a the says is 1080p but the resolution is actually 720p. J series phones were the sold the most this year. Outside the world of Samsung, apple did a big change after removing the headphone jack from the latest 2 phones and releasing iPhone 7, 7+ and mac book pro 2016 (USB, HDMI, magnetic charging ports were replaced with type C). Top smartphone releases this year is as below.

In at :

1) Samsung galaxy S7 & Edge

2) OnePlus 3T

3) Blackberry Priv

4) iPhone 7 & +

5) LG G5

6) Motorola Moto Z

7) Xiaomi Mi Mix

8) Pixel XL

9) HTC 10

10) Microsoft Lumia 950 & XL